Sarah Gibbon

To Sleep Like a Dinosaur

Sarah Gibbon
To Sleep Like a Dinosaur

To sleep like a dinosaur:

my tiny arms gathered to my ribcage

like a Tyrannosaurus-Rex. Curled into

a perfect C, cradled by stone.

The hum of slow-moving molecules,

like a lullaby. To be

a focalized fetus, waiting

to be born again

as pure energy, speed, and light.


To sleep like a Pterodactyl:

my leathery wings wrapped around my body

like afavorite blanket. Folded into

a circle, my chin nestled against my

shoulder blade. The earth opening to me;

the dust remembering my weight. To snore

in tune with the universe. The hum

of morning stars. Too early.


I want to sleep,

oh, I want, I want

to sleep

like a dinosaur.